Thursday December 01 , 2022
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  • Galvanized pre Painted steel coil


Galvanized sheets come in a rang

The production of these coils involves the use of state of the art equipment and manufacturing processes that ensure products of the highest quality. AZT CO LTD imports a combination of the advanced Conarc Processed and Thin Slab Casting technology, which facilitates the rolling of coils that are as thin as 1.2 mm with a width of 1550 mm. These are superior to commercial grade cold rolled (CR) coils, and are quite often a substitute for CR products in certain applications, due to their thinner gauges and finer surface quality.
Technical Specification:


Hot Rolled Coil (CRC):
Profile: For 900 mm - 1500 mm
width: 0.080 mm max For 1501 mm - 1560 mm width:0.070 mm max
Flatness: As per ASTM A6/ 6AM-02 Thickness
tolerance: Up to 4. 00 mm: +/-0.075 mm,> 4-10 mm:+/-0.10 mm, > 10 mm: +/-1%
Width tolerance: +15/-0 mm
50 mm max Coil ID: 762 mm +/-20 mm
Specification: 18 kg/mm max of width for coils.
Cold Rolled Coil (CRC):
Low Carbon CRCA Grades Super EDD/DD/D (SPCX, SPCEN, SPCD, SPCC) non-aging, IF-High Strength steel(IF-HSS), High Strength Low Alloy