Tuesday October 04 , 2022
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  • Galvanized pre Painted steel coil

This type of steel sheet which is providing after the  process of different processing machines . AZT CO LTD imports such like steel sheets and can provide to their customer inside the country in various colors & sizes.
Corrugated sheets can be manufactured in wave, rectangular shapes for roofing, Hungers, garage,  conex and different industrial works. Resistance in the facing of corrosion and all chemical Materials Kinds
- Resistance to facing of natural pressures such us wind, deluge, rainfall  and produce pressure form expulsion of earth and earthquake.
- High resistance in the facing of cold, warmth and sun rays, of course after the    (Insulation).
- Sediment nonexistence sultry of deferent weather (rain, snow, dusted soil) on  In the case of clear surface.
- Transportation and easily using in case of weight lightness as compared with building materials and other industry.
- Show and better beauty of the construction and goods we compared with ordinary buildings and also good firmness.